Sunday, July 31, 2011

is smilling enough is worth the money???

an abandon kawasaki zzr 1994....

it was left unattended for 2 years and how many months outside the house...

then after people move out from the house, it was stored insight the house....

then one day , it had its chance to re live again.... hahaha... it was brought to a mecanic where its owner is also helping in starting him up all again...

heres the payment for the bike to run on the road with safety and all...

ok: normal service.... include max oil , oil filter , karburator service, oil coolant , change of brake pad and brake setting ,new brake cabel, new plate ,new bulb , starter service , new battery, brake fluid all and all = RM545

torn out clutch cabel : RM 50

new bulb again : RM 2

new kawasaki zzr original tank : rm 800 ( original price was 1400 but had to search very hard... alhamdulillah manage it)

change another oil : use shell this time because its better... semi senthethic : RM 50

change front tyre : RM 105

change back tyre : RM 175

radiator service, timing check, thermostat cleaned and check at kawasaki cntre : RM 40

insurance bought : RM 477

road tax : RM50

puspakom service : RM 20

new horn : RM15

alhamdulillah the bike is 90% perfect

things need to consider
: new thermostat, thermostat sensor , radiator flush... RM 330- 400 ( not worth the money, original stuff is very2 expensive but the bike still can run... only temperature cannot be read... but water pump is still functioning and direct current to check all the stuff is well function...undiagnosed... T_T the guy still dont know the reason it is not functioning....

even after 17 years the starter relay is still as new... very impress with japanese...

sum of money spend for a smile in the face is : RM 2329.....

value of the 2nd hand bike : rm 5500


but it tells u the different between passion and normal stuff....

alhamdulillah the bike is running~ yeay~~~~

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  1. yeay~~!! it's surely worth it ^^
    keep smiling orite~